Smart Transformer Diagnostic

Transformers are static machines, used for transforming power from one circuit to another without changing the frequency. As there is no rotating part, these are classified as statis devices. These are an important part of any electrical distribution system.

Transformer control system viz. feeders has inbuilt diagnostic. Many of the diagnostic are not available in system and has to be checked manually. Due to manual checking of diagnostic parameters, real time monitoring of transformer health is not possible.

With advancement in sensor technology and IOT, now this has become realistic for getting the diagnostic details on real time basis.

The parameter of importance in any transformer are as below: Parameters
1 Prolonged over loading
2 Single phase loading
3 Deterioration of oil , presence of gases
4 Imbalanced loading
5 Faulty terminations
6 Faulty earth connection to tank body as well as LV terminal
7 Failures due to external short-circuit
8 Oil leakage
9 Deterioration of oil
10 Ventilation failure
11 Loose clamping
12 Bushing flash-over
13 Fault in OLTC
14 Inter-turn fault
15 Faults in magnetic circuit

Sensors like LHD cables, Thermal camera, Temperature measurement, Gas Analyzer, current transducers etc are available for getting live values of transformer health.

These parameters are hooked up with PLC/Controller based transformer health monitoring system for monitoring at central control room.

In case have multiple remote locations, measurement of all locations are hooked up to internet and integrated so as to provide single window for remote monitoring from any location.

We Provide solution for centralized or remote monitoring of transformer health parameters. Do contact us for further details on this.


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  1. Great IOT application with online monitoring of all diagnostic parameters of transformer. Very useful article for beginners.

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